9 Screen video installation


Continuous Loop


In a World Like This

was sparked off by a conversation about a garden that had been flattened by paving stones. The question arose… "What if it was yours? What would you put there?"

"I would lift the paving stones and then leave it alone, plant nothing."

But even imaginary things are prone to change over the course of time.It led to another question…

"What if one accepts that things are not perfect but are possibly the best they're ever likely to be?And what if this lack of perfection is the very thing that is necessary?"

"Hmmm, this is familiar…a somewhat Kantian idea of beauty and the sublime, where the ruins in question take on the shape of our past selves?"

Later I went to visit a raptor centre I'd heard about in the west of Ireland.
The centre was built and is run by a German couple a, Lothar and Regina and their son, Alex.
In a world like this they have built a world like this: Birds of prey sit out in their front garden, both surreal and beautiful.

Some of them have been harmed through misuse at other falconries, grown overly aggressive or physically damaged as a result. Others arrived to the centre having been found with broken wings or other injuries… Alongside slowly mending limbs and infections, different relationships have been built up with great care and patience between the birds and their respective handlers. Tracing the -sometimes hesitant- flights and landings of the different birds, the fragile lines between damage, beauty and trust slowly reveal themselves.

* This work was commissioned by the Model & Niland Gallery in Sligo and was later shown at the Chisenhale Gallery , London.