8 Screen Projected Installation


Continuous Loop


The Silver Bridge

I returned to Dublin in 2002, having spent many years living in London and Prato, Italy.

The Silver Bridge spans the Liffey valley at a point in the river not far from my childhood home in Dublin. Sheridan Le Fanu lived downriver in the 1800's. His gothic novella Carmilla, traced the unfortunate demise of a vampire who sought to return to her ancestral home. The bridge's concrete walkway has been ripped up years ago, so that only the skeleton of a bridge remains, rusting above the river.

The Silver Bridge (2003) is a configuration of eight interrelated films, which ends suspended halfway across a bridge. A flock of birds swarm in the sky, governed by a complex collective logic, impossible to grasp, the individual flight pattern of a solitary bird subsumed by the collective movement of the flock. A man aimlessly circles a small stunted tree at the edge of a wind-blown meadow, sitting, standing, waiting... Deer graze under shifting, dappled light while, close by, four white doors rise up from the forest floor...orphaned theatre props. ....Later, he passes a woman, warily and wordlessly in the corridor of the bat-house in Dublin Zoo. Bats, simultaneously perfect and awkward, negotiate the artificial environment of their cage...chains and ropes set against a painted backdrop...wrapping one another in their wings, noisily chasing off others. In Dublin's Natural History Museum the same young woman looks down over display cases...her eyes appear to grow heavier...the effect of a camera's watching - changing the watched in the process. The form of the museum's display cases are echoed by that of the bridge. A figure is attempting to slither across it... caught in a loop... never arriving. Underneath, two women hang from the bridge and each other, clasping and unclasping....languid and methodical, until one lets go.


Actors: Michael MacNamara & Julie Wasser